• HELLSCAPE (Half- Hour) Karuna and Shaama, two sisters who are 3000 year-old yamaduta (the Hindu version of reapers) are on the run from their boss, Yama, the God of Death, when they find unexpected refuge in small- town Montana. (2018) (2019 Made In New York WGAE Writers Room Finalist, Fusion Festival 2019 Finalist, Kalakars Fall 2018 Development Session)

  • TRIVIAL PURSUIT (Half - Hour) Hounded by the insecurity and uncertainty in her life, Vidhya discovers a strange source of confidence and control in the world of competitive bar trivia. (Mentored by James Felder, 2017) (Official Selection, 2018 Fusion Film Festival. Semi- Finalist, Los Angeles CineFest, Semi-Finalist, Austin Film Festival)

  • SCHOOLED (Half - Hour) Nina, the English teacher at a beaten down public school, is completely content being the biggest fish in her small, underfunded pond. But when the new principal, Timothy takes over the administration, Nina realizes that she needs the school, more than the school needs her. (Mentored by Charlie Rubin, 2016)

  • LEGENDS (Animated - Half - Hour) Set in southern India, Krish, a straight-A student and over-achieving rocket scientist, finds his life turned upside down when his estranged sister, Maya, bursts into his life. In this tussle between science and mythology, . (Mentored by James Felder, 2016)


  • BROOKLYN 99 - CAFE VERDE (Half -hour) As Jake and Amy try to solve a homicide, they are sucked into a world of drugs and vegan cafes. (2015)

  • SILICON VALLEY - ASSOCIATIVE REGRESSIONS (Half -hour) When Erlich causes a PR disaster for Pied Piper, Richard has to face his worst fear of going back to high school, to clean up the company's public image. (Mentored by Daniel Goldfarb, 2015)

  • ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK - TEMPURA CHICKEN (One-hour) When Litchfield is rocked by a wave of food poisoning, and the ladies go on a hunger-strike, Maritza makes an unlikely friend during a food delivery and is forced to reckon with her past mistakes. (Mentored by George Malko, 2016)

  • RICK AND MORTY (Half - hour) After almost sabotaging a heist at the Intergalactic Museum of Torture, and some depressing personality test results at high school, Morty is more desperate than ever, to prove that he's not turning into his father. (Mentored by James Felder, 2016)

SKETCH COMEDY PACKET - (mentored by Ethan Berlin, 2016) 

LATE NIGHT COMEDY PACKETS -  Desk bits, recurring segments, monologue jokes, field pieces. Topical packets on request. (mentored by Glenn Eichler, 2016)