• SHAKTHI - Set in Madurai, India - an intelligent and equally reckless girl, Shakthi, gets more than what she bargained for, when a carjacking goes wrong, and she herself embroiled in a high stakes game of drugs and politics. (mentored by Sabrina Dhawan)

  • EVERYONE'S A CRITIC - After famous “take down” film critic, Claudia, goes on a drunk tirade at a Hollywood fundraiser, she finds herself in the midst of making a movie - calling in favors from everyone she's made a career pissing off. (mentored by Sabrina Dhawan)


  • SCARE TACTICS (15 minutes) Acclaimed horror novelist, Mark Healy drags his fiancee Cassie along for a research trip on a snowy December night. In their pursuit to acquire a rare, vintage doll house from a mysterious seller, things take a turn for the weird, and Mark has to drastically readjust his understanding of the supernatural. (mentored by Sabrina Dhawan)